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Mai-Kai Restaurant

Mai-Kai Restaurant

3599 N. Federal Highway Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308
Open at 5 pm Sunday - Friday, 4:30 pm on Saturdays Call for Showtimes

In 1956, the four-room Mai-Kai, with its small bar and remarkable thatched roof, stood alone on the outskirts of Fort Lauderdale, drawing guests from near and far. Now, this paradise found boasts eight Polynesian style dining rooms, the enchanting Molokai Bar/Lounge (created as a turn-of-the-century seaport saloon), an exotic Gift Shop, banquet facilities and a stunning tropical garden. Only the mixologists know the recipes for the homemade syrups that flavor the potent tropical drinks.

Each dining area, named after a different part of Polynesia, is designed to reflect the islands' unique culture and natural beauty. A new Islander Revue floor show, directed, choreographed and costumed by the vivacious Tahitian Mireille Thornton debuts every January. The essence of Polynesia comes alive in songs and dances recreating interpretations of South Pacific village life. Mai-Kai means "the finest" in Tahitian, and the tantalizing dishes, some indirectly smoked at 600 degrees in special Chinese ovens, are indescribable. A fusion of American, Cantonese, Pacific Rim, and Chinese cuisines has been a magnet for locals, tourists and such luminaries as Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon for more than fifty years.

With all the glamour, intoxicating drinks, award-winning Asian specialties and of course the gorgeous dancers and waitstaff, as well as the legendary hospitality of long-time Maitre d' Angel Vega, every night at Mai-Kai is New Year's Eve. Come and party like it's 1956!



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Bar Info
Full Liquor Bar Happy Hour Tuesday - Sunday 5 pm - 7 pm 50% off Drinks & Appetizers
Daily Drink Special in Molokai Bar 7 pm - closing

On Wednesdays guests enjoy a complimentary buffet with drink purchase.

Enjoy live music from 6pm in the Molokai Bar every Friday. Call for Line-up

The essence of Polynesia comes alive in the songs and dances of the celebrated Islanders Revue. Each year, owner and show choreographer Mireille Thornton creates new interpretations of village life in the South Pacific at the turn of the century. Ms. Thornton's inspiration comes from regular visits to the islands that comprise Polynesia: Tahiti, Aotearoa, New Zealand, Samoa, and Hawaii.

Mai-Kai visitors witness Polynesia's rich heritage in dances such as the Hawaiian Wedding song where two young lovers are separated and then reunited in marriage. or, the spirited Tahitian solo drum dance competition from Polynesia's largest annual cultural celebration, the "Heiva I Tahiti". This year's dynamic show boasts more musicians, drums, and brightly colored costumes that light up the stage. The detailed costumes are hand-sewn and reflect the spirit of the South Seas. They are made from hand-painted tapa cloth (from the bark of breadfruit trees), flowers, mother-of-pearl.


Banquet Info -  Have a Polynesian Party at your home, office or boat!!  The Mai-Kai provides everything you need!


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Open at 5 pm Sunday - Friday, 4:30 pm on Saturdays Call for Showtimes
  • Mai-Kai Restaurant
  • Mai-Kai Restaurant