Why Choose LocalDines.com?

LocalDines.com has developed a restaurant advertising product that can bring new, unique customers in to your restaurant. Our website is a resource developed by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. We are essentially a grass-roots, locally-owned and operated advertising system that requires no cash investment. We promote restaurants on our website by selling a limited number of gift certificates (50 per month, per restaurant). Customers are not allowed to purchase another certificate for your restaurant for another 90 days, ensuring a constant flow of new customers into your restaurant. That's what makes our business model so unique. In addition, we can produce a 30 second HD video (and accompanying photo set) for each restaurant entering the program which becomes part of your restaurant's profile page on our website—enabling customers to make an informed decision before purchasing certificates for your restaurant (a media package like this, if purchased separately, would easily cost a restaurant over $1000). 

Unlike other companies that sell restaurant gift certificates, LocalDines.com goes far beyond. We feel your most expensive table is an empty table, but we also firmly believe that sending money out of state by using high volume daily deal cash-out systems is wrong. On average, we fill 1.7 tables a day for your restaurant, and your food costs are always covered. The benefit is that your restaurant is never swamped by a crowd of deal-centric customers, allowing you to maintain a high level of service while still growing your customer base. Over time, our restaurant-centric revenue sharing system means we do all the hard work (gift certificate generation, customer service, data aggregation, maintaining our stellar IT infrastructure, and more). Our motto is simple: we bring customers in—and you bring them back.

As a full participant in the program—and in exchange for honoring the gift certificates—restaurants receive:

  • Restuarant Page: A custom restaurant profile page on LocalDines.com with a secure restaurant-only login. You can track every gift certificate purchased/redeemed, view check averages over time, update your custom restaurant profile, offer specials, monitor and control customer reviews (and publish them to your profile page, if you choose), export all data, and more!
  • Customer Connection: When LocalDines.com customers purchase gift certificates for your restaurant, you can easily re-connect with them using the tools our system provides!
  • Email Blast (Monthly): We have over 35,000 loyal LocalDines.com members hungry for new culinary experiences, and a subset of these users (nearly 21,000 in fact) have opted to receive our daily and weekly marketing emails which will prominently feature your restaurant up to 3 times per month!

At low cost, we provide a full media package (which you can leverage in your own social media or print channels as much as you like):

  • HD Video: A fully-produced 30 second video which will be available on our website 24 hours a day.
  • HD Photography: A full set of high resolution photos of your cuisine and restaurant interior/exterior.

LocalDines.com aims to build a perfect working partnership with each restaurant that delivers results without impacting your high levels of service.

For more information on our program please contact us:


5814 E Vernon Ave, Suite A
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Restaurant Inquires ONLY: contact@localdines.com


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