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Review submitted by Bill & Jean Eicholtz from Boynton Beach on 6/10/2010
Ever wish you could go back to ‘Grandma’s house’ for a delicious home cooked meal? Well, now you can! Just take a trip to Pearl’s Next Generation and you’ll take a trip back in time. We experienced many memories while dining at Pearl’s today. The minute you walk in the door, you are greeted like family and invited to have a seat. Your nose is teased with the awesome smells you experience. The place is charming, old fashioned enough to be nostalgic, but clean and comfortable! I felt like I was getting all the attention of my childhood days from the awesomely attentive staff. What a great atmosphere! But, it gets much, much better once the food arrives! We started out with a plate of lightly breaded and ‘not at all greasy’ onion rings! They were crisp and delicious. For our entrees we chose the lunch special of Beef Tips, the Hot Turkey sandwich and their Chef’s salad, so we had a great variety of tastes to sample. The Beef Tips were plentiful with pearl onions, mushrooms and a flavorful gravy served over noodles (or Mashed Potatoes if you prefer) with a side of peas and garlic bread. YUMMY! Their Hot Turkey Sandwich comes heaped with freshly baked turkey…not the freeze dried stuff! A side of mashed potatoes (REAL POTATOES) came with it and all was covered in a delicate gravy. Almost like Thanksgiving! Their Chef Salad is unlike any we have had before…first you get a choice of two toppings…Tuna or Egg Salad, Ham, Turkey or Roast Beef over a huge bed of lettuce with eggs, tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, pepperoncini, and onions. Our choice of Tuna Salad and Turkey was perfect! The huge scoop of tuna salad was TUNA and not all fillers. Homemade dressing makes this salad the BEST! Everything served was ‘just like grandma’ used to make and therefore DELICIOUS! There is NOTHING artificial at Pearl’s. Everything they serve is homemade and you can tell from the taste. We had our eyes on dessert but again like grandma they serve you HUGE servings and expect you to clean your plate! Just couldn’t do it this time so dessert will have to wait till the next time we visit. If you want to be pampered, Pearl’s is the place to go!
Review submitted by Umair Hashmi from Boynton Beach on 3/31/2011
I went there with my girlfriend earlier today. The food and service were excellent. It takes a while for them to get your food ready because everything is made fresh. The overall decor, prices and service make this a great choice for a casual evening out. Will definitely visit again.